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The fishery

Do you love eating fish?! Then you really should pay a visit to De Visserij. This restaurant is open from Friday to Monday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm and serves delicious fresh fish. From fresh tuna and prawns to delicious white fish. It's a local restaurant. You must first order at a counter. Then you have to pay at another counter and then you get your food delivered to your table. We love the food here!












Brisa do mar – Pop's place

Would you like to try local food? Then go to Pop's Place. A restaurant, located directly on the sea at Caracas Bay. Here you can eat delicious food for little money and enjoy the view of the sea at the same time. You can eat local lobster, fish or goat here, but they also have chicken and burgers.





Having lunch

Are you hungry for a nice lunch? You can have a delicious lunch at these lunchrooms!



Quick, tasty and thoughtful. That's Boosty. Do you fancy a take-away lunch that is prepared at a rapid pace, but above all contains the delicious taste of your favorite fresh ingredients? Boosty prepares your ultimate dish. You can order online at Boosty and they will ensure that your choice menu is ready as soon as you arrive at our store.


Phone number: +5999 843 1470
Address: Caracasbaaiweg 280 unit 17 (Shopping Center Eden)


My sandwich

There is a place called Mijn Broodje on the Caracasbaaiweg. You can get delicious sandwiches here. You can eat it there, but you can also take it with you for on the road / your day at the beach.

Do you want to order in advance? Then look at the

Address: Caracasbaaiweg nr 268a.
Phone no.: 005999 7670666



The ladies

Highly recommended is De Dames. This is located in Promenade Shopping Center. Here you have really delicious breakfasts, sandwiches, salads that you can put together yourself, vegan specials and pancakes. They also serve delicious healthy smoothies and juices. This spot is one of our favorite lunch spots!




There are a lot of beaches on Curacao. Here we name a number of beautiful beaches that are definitely worth a visit!


Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Thiel Beach is less than a 10-minute drive away. This is a tourist beach with several restaurants, such as Zanzibar, Papagayo, Zest and Koko's. The entrance is ANG 6 per person and if you plan to go several times it can be cheaper to buy a 10-ride ticket for €50. After 17:00 the entrance is free.


There are also various activities to do such as flyboarding, sailing on a jet ski or banana, or taking a wonderful massage. There are also various shops, a casino and a delicious ice cream stand. Enough to experience!


Mambo Beach Blvd

Mambo Beach on Curaçao is an elongated beach with several beach clubs and restaurants. You can relax, eat out, go out and shop here. 


Mambo Beach Boulevard is a place where you have something for everyone. You can easily spend the whole day here with the whole family. The kids can swim safely, thanks to the breakwaters. And there is a beach volleyball just on the beach. You can choose between a lot of beach bars, so there is always something that suits your wishes and budget. At the very end of Mambo Beach you will find the well-known Seaquarium with Dolphin Academy. In short: you can enjoy yourself from early in the morning until late at night.


Not least because Mambo Beach is known for its various happy hours. Every Friday from 5:00 PM at Chill Beach and from 5:30 PM at Bonita Beach Club. You can also come back there on Sunday at 5 p.m. for happy hour. Wet and Wild has a nice happy hour on Friday and Sunday evening. And Madero Ocean Club and Cabana Beach have happy hour on Wednesday nights. For example, you can go to Mambo Beach for a fun party almost all week long.


The entrance fee is 6.50 guilders. In addition, you also pay for your beach bed. Depending on the beach tent you choose and the luxury of the bed, you pay about 5 to 20 guilders.






Big Cut

You've probably seen photos of an immense clear blue sea, with the well-known wall in the foreground on which people sit/stand/lie to pose. Now that's Big Cut. You can park here for free and on the beach. When renting a beach bed you pay FL. 6,-. In the weekends the beach is busy with people from Curaçao, who often bring barbecues and sometimes play their own music.

Tip: combine a visit to Kleine Knip with Grote Knip, these beaches are close to each other.


Little Snap

Speaking of 'local' beaches; Klein Knip – the name says it all – is a beach that can be found close to Landhuis Knip and also a gem to visit. The beach has few facilities, which gives it a more pristine & rawness. Cool box, snorkel set and go. Tip: combine a visit to Kleine Knip with Grote Knip, these beaches are close to each other.



Character is one of our favorites! Before you get to the beach you have to go through the gate of Coral Estate. This is a villa park with large houses on huge pieces of land. The long narrow beach is equipped with beautiful beach beds and plenty of shaded areas. You enter the water via a ladder, but the water is wonderfully clear. There is a bar/restaurant where you can enjoy lunch and dinner. At the very beginning of the beach you will find a professional diving school and there is a boat in front of the door for a nice (diving) trip. Access to this beach is free, but you are expected to take a number of drinks.

When you go up the stairs you will reach Koraal Rooftop. Here you have a swimming pool which is ideal with children. You can use this pool. When you order food and drinks for more than ANG 50 per person, access to the swimming pool is free.


Did you already know that we, Niels & Joyce, are married at Character? ;)

Cas Abou Beach

Before you (have) booked your trip to Curaçao, photos of beautiful beaches are the most famous factor to come to the beautiful island. You will most likely have seen something passing by from Cas Abou Beach. A snow-white beach, azure blue sea and swaying palm trees. In short; the ideal beach scene. Cas Abou is easily accessible and has all the facilities to make your beach day a party. Outside the (simple) restaurant, you can also bring your own cool box.


Playa Lagoon

Clear blue water, old fishing boats on the beach and surrounded by rocks make Playa Lagun an idyllic beach. The beach is characterized by the high rocks on both sides of the water. Lagun is known for its snorkeling & diving opportunities; you will often find sea turtles, various tropical fish, but also an octopus and in certain seasons even a ray or manta rey. On the right you can go up a steep staircase, where you will find a restaurant. In addition to the fact that there are always many iguanas to admire here, a nice extra is the view; especially a cocktail at sunset is highly recommended.


Playa Piskado

Until some time ago, no one actually ever came to Playa Piskado, except for a few local fishermen. Because they clean their fish on the pier and throw the remains into the sea, turtles came to it. And that became an attraction. The multiple turtles know how to find the pier flawlessly and are not afraid of swimmers or snorkelers. Perfect photo opportunity, but be careful: keep your distance and don't touch the animals at all! The beach is easily accessible and there are even sunbeds for rent. The sand is a bit grainy, but definitely worth it for a combination with an unforgettable turtle encounter.


Port Marie

From the large parking lot above you can already see the beautiful clear blue sea. The beach has many facilities such as a diving school, toilet, shower and diving equipment washing place. There is a large bar with many different drinks and food. On the terrace the service is good and the view is great.

The bay is known as a diving spot because of its 'double reef'. You will therefore regularly see people with diving equipment entering the water. There are pot-bellied pigs walking around, don't be alarmed, they belong there. They once came as little ones, but they are now big pigs. They live among people from an early age so they do nothing.



A day out

Do you fancy a fun day out? We have listed a number of fun activities!


Sail to Klein Curacao with Bluefinn Charters

Imagine yourself on an uninhabited island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, a pearly white beach that stretches for miles, crystal clear water all around you and in the middle of that island a big pink lighthouse…. Sounds like paradise right?


A day sailing with the catamaran from Bluefinn Charters should not be missed during your holiday. With a gigantic catamaran you can enjoy a day at sea! In the morning you have to be ready at 8:15 AM at the Zanzibar Beach jetty. You will be picked up here.


In 1 hour and 45 minutes you will arrive at the beautiful, uninhabited beach of Klein Curacao. On the island you can take a walk to the lighthouse, the shipwreck on the east side or go snorkelling in search of turtles.


At noon you get delicious barbecue meat. From spare ribs, chicken and…. There is also a bean salad, pasta salad and baguette. Are you vegetarian or allergic, that's no problem. The crew can take this into account!


You will return to the mainland of Curaçao around 3:00 PM. Often this happens while sailing! You will be back at Zanzibar around 5:00 PM.

It is a super relaxed day that we can definitely recommend!

And did you know that Niels works as a captain at Bluefinn Charters?


If you want to come along, we can easily put you on the list. The cost for the day trip is $120 pp for adults and $60 pp for children Includes: Premium open bar, BBQ, snorkel mask & pipe. Please note that no breakfast / coffee or tea is served.



It sometimes happens that there is no space left on the catamaran Black & White. In this case you can also go to Klein Curacao with the Kailani. The advantage of this boat is that it goes faster. You are faster on Klein Curacao, so you can enjoy more time on the island!


The service and barbecue are the same as on the catamaran, so with this trip you will certainly enjoy a wonderful day trip on Klein Curacao!


Price adult: $110, children $55

Let us know if you want to come along, we can easily see which days are still available and put you on the passenger list!

To dive

Are you planning to take a look under water? There is a lot to see at the bottom of our beautiful blue ocean. We can recommend Dive Center Scuba Do. Dive Center Scuba Do is a PADI 5-star dive resort located on one of the most beautiful dive sites on Curacao: Jan Thiel Beach. In the bay, bordering the Caribbean Ocean, is the house reef with many fish, coral, sea turtles and other underwater animals. It's easy to walk into the water, making it all the more a perfect dive site.


For more information, visit the Scuba Do website:



A visit to the Sea Aquarium is a fun activity, especially for children. You can feed flamingos, watch fish, see sharks and rays and watch a dolphin show. There is also a boat with underwater windows where you can see the fish, sharks and rays very well.


In addition, it is also possible to swim with dolphins or get a kiss.


Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Box office open until 4:00 PM


Children 0-4 years old can enter for free


Children's museum

The children's museum is a museum where children can discover all sorts of things. There is a room where they can do crafts, a room to build with blocks and a room with a supermarket. Is it a rainy day or do you want an afternoon without sun and beach, then go to this museum with your children and they will love it!



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