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Terms and Conditions

1.  Mandatory ID
When you start renting a vehicle, you must bring the following documents in the name of the main driver:
– Valid driver's license (minimum 3 years in possession).
– Double identification is required for the main driver; a driver's license is sufficient for additional drivers. The additional drivers must be present when collecting the rental car and must all show a valid and original driver's license.

2.  Age/Duration driving license
– The tenant must have had a driving license for at least three years;
– The tenant must be at least 23 years old;

3.  What do you rent?
– The price of the rental car includes 9% OB, third-party insurance, extra driver and free kilometers.
– The price of the rental car does not include fuel costs. If the tank is less filled at the end of the rental period than when it was received, costs will be charged (ANG15 for 1 bar less, then ANG25 per quarter tank).
– An excess of €500 applies to the rental of the car. NOTE: This is also the deposit that is paid.

4.  Not allowed:
It is not allowed to use the car or have it used:
a. for a purpose contrary to the law;
b. for teaching (car lessons);
c. for pushing or pulling any vehicle or trailer;
d. for the transport of persons and/or goods in violation of any legal provision of Curacao;
e. for participating in car races, rallies or other sports rides or puzzle rides;
f. by a driver who does not have the physical and mental fitness required to drive the vehicle. The absence of this condition is in any case presumed if the driver has used substances that could affect his driving ability;
g. by a driver who does not have a valid driver's license;
h. by a driver who is not registered as a driver with the lessor;
i. on dirt roads; at shete boka, san juan, hato plains;
j. in the park around the Christoffelberg;
k. The driver may not consume alcoholic beverages/narcotics before or while using the car;
l. It is forbidden to leave items in the car (visible or invisible) (e.g. bag/clothing/towel, etc)
m. It is not allowed to transport animals in the car, to sit on the seats with wet clothes or to smoke in the car.

5.  Liability
– The renter must handle the car with care.
– The renter is liable for all costs, fines imposed plus a contribution to the administration costs and further (financial) consequences of violation of the Road Traffic and other legislation with the car, plus a contribution to the administration costs.
– The renter is responsible for the vehicle and the rental continues until the lessor has carried out the final inspection of the vehicle.
– The car has an anti-theft clamp; this must be used at all times.
– The renter must properly lock the car when it is not in use.
– The renter must return the car verifiably, if the car is too dirty on the inside and/or outside, costs may be charged for this.

6.  Maintenance
– The renter is fully responsible for refueling with suitable fuel for the car (petrol/super).
– Costs of any maintenance are for the account of the lessor and are only carried out on the instructions of the lessor.

7.  Loss or Damage
In the event of loss, damage, occurring defects in the car and/or seizure by judicial authorities or confiscation under civil law, the tenant is obliged to inform the landlord immediately. If any damage or defect with further use of the car entails the risk that the damage / defect will worsen and/or further use may lead to a reduction in road safety, the renter is prohibited from using the car until repair ( after permission from the lessor).
In the event of damage to the rented car, which is not covered by the third-party liability insurance, the amount of the damage suffered will be fully recovered from the renter. This applies to both the inside (upholstery) and the outside of the car. In the event of damage, this must be reported to the landlord immediately upon discovery of the damage and the damage will be paid by the tenant to the landlord at that time. In case of default, an annual interest of 5% is charged. In this case, collection is enabled and the costs of collection will be charged to the tenant. Any costs associated with not being able to rent out the car in question will also be charged to the renter.
In the event of damage caused by the driver(s) to the rented vehicle, the renter is obliged to fully compensate the lessor for this damage on the basis of reality. The tenant will be able to use the rented property again after payment of the total damage amount. In the event of a total loss/theft damage, the renter is liable for the real replacement value of the vehicle, tested against the current market situation. The replacement value of the vehicle in question, determined in advance by the lessor, can be requested by the lessee in writing from the lessor before the start or during the term of the de  rental agreement. The tenant expressly agrees to the determined replacement value and loses the right to have the replacement value determined by a third party after total loss/theft damage has occurred. In the event of a total loss of damage, the renter is responsible for all towing and/or disposal costs of the vehicle.

8.  Accident
Partly in connection with the insurance policy, the tenant is obliged:
– to inform the lessor immediately of any damage or accident;
– immediately warn Curacao Road Service (tel. 199) and the police;
– leave the vehicle exactly as it was in the event of damage, so DO NOT move it;
– to immediately complete the claim form and to collect all details of any persons and vehicles involved in the accident, as well as to note the details of any witnesses;
– to refrain from acknowledging guilt in any form whatsoever;
– only leave the car after the car has been adequately secured against accident, theft and burglary;
– to provide the lessor as well as the insurance company with the requested cooperation in defending any claims from third parties.
If the obligations described in this article are not followed, the tenant will owe full compensation, plus administration costs.
The tenant indemnifies the landlord against any legal, moral and/or material liability with regard to injury and/or liability for damage in relation to the passengers, subject to the conditions included in this passenger insurance policy and provided that all articles included in these General Terms and Conditions have been met.

9.  Insurance
The car is third-party insured. The Insurance determines the amount in terms of passenger insurance, this is van 
application for the lessee of the vehicle and is not supplemented by the lessor. The insurance is 
only applicable in full compliance with the General Terms and Conditions.

10.  Exclusive termination clause
The lessor is entitled to terminate the rental agreement without notice of default or judicial intervention and to take possession of the vehicle again, stating the reason, without prejudice to its right to compensation for costs, damage and interest.

11.  Duration of rental agreement
– In the event of an extension of the rental agreement, all terms and conditions of the agreement remain in force. The same applies in the event of a change of cars.
– In the event of a shortening of the rental period, the lessor is not responsible for a refund of rental fees.
The time of receipt of the car is also the time that the car must be returned, unless clearly agreed otherwise and stated on the rental agreement. In case of late return, we will charge a half day rate.

12.  Tires
Flat tires or damage to tires are in all cases directly at the expense of the renter, since this directly depends on the driving behavior of the driver. This is not covered by the insurance.

13.  Payment Terms
It is possible to pay the rental amount in euros (€) by bank transfer or in Curaçao guilders (ANG) in cash when you receive the rental car. If you prefer to pay the rental amount by bank transfer in euros, the amount must be credited to the bank account of the landlord no later than two days before the start of the rental. The same applies to the deposit.

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